2018 Power Tour Introduction

Seems like only yesterday (or 2017) when we were rolling into Bowling Green, battered and bruised, but not altogether beaten, like some sort of Johnny Cash character, on the cusp of redemption, knowing full well that we were once again, Long Haulers. With all due respect to Bowling Green and the incredulous Corvette fans, who are, no doubt getting their 1953 Corvette step and repeat pattern boxers in a bunch right now, it’s about the journey, not the destination. We live that life with each and every Power Tour partly because it is such a trip, and also because our own Forrest Tosie will probably be taking us to the birthplace of the person attributed to this quote (complete with mandatory gift shop visit!). This year’s journey is our 24th. That’s right, we’ve been on every Power Tour since its inception, making us the longest of the long haulers (at

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